Friday, October 2, 2009

so yesterday i left work 3 hours early to finish off the rest of the paintings that needed to be framed and packaged for the show at
Gallery 1988 . my girlfriend had helped me for about 4 hours the day before, and yesterday it took us about another 5 to finish. i had no idea that it would take so long and without her help i think i woulda gone a bit crazy, trying to get them shipped out by today. not to mention that once we were done framing, we could not find any boxes large enough to ship the center piece. so we improvised with a box we had to cut and reshape in order for the piece to fit. here's a preview of one of the paintings for the art show as it was in progress.

i'm really looking forward to seeing the art work for the show once it's posted online. it's my first group show and i'm excited about both, the venue and the other artists in the show.