Monday, June 29, 2009

recent Sketch and Animation for Shakespear Festival

i feel like i really haven't been doing a good job at keeping my artwork updated online. and not just the artwork that i'm creating, but some of the projects that i'm involved in or news regarding my art...

so this is a sketch i just finished a few minutes ago. when i have some time i'd like to do some further work on it.

and on a side note, here's an animation i worked on for the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival in Kansas City. i've been playing around a bit with After Effects, but this was the first animation project i've done for a client. the animation had to meet certain criteria for promoting the event, so i had to follow a few suggestions they had made. the animation is made of photographs and drawings that i did. the soundtrack was added by my friend Leslie.
check it!

1 comment:

  1. hey man, looking good my friend.
    it'll be good to see more stuff from you.i havn't checked out your animation but i will now.

    btw i've been working on my sketches recently, working from photo's. i'd apreciate your opinion if you have the time mate...