Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Fantastic New Super Year

it's the last day of 2009 and i've been thinking back on some the experiences that have come past in the last 365 days. like everyone else, i've had my share of up and downs. and at some points in the last few months, it felt like the downs were coming in large pairs. what kind of drama you may ask? well, our apartment was burglarized, for one. but this blog isn't about any losses or disappointments. it really has been a great year. through the year i've met with friends who i had not seen in years, spent priceless time with family, and even feel like i've learned a thing or two about being me as an artist. blah blah blah blah, who really wants to know all this?!

but seriously, it's been a great year. the new Deseo website is live and running. i want to thank Laz at the Lazarus Group ( for all his help to make this site happen. my girlfriend, my family, co-workers, and all close friends that i don't get to see or talk to all that often. thanks for allowing me to be part of your lives!

although there's a lot of new work that's been posted on the new website, i still have more on the way. this is a sneeeak of something that's still in the works.

happy new years, yo!



  1. Happy Newest Year, there fellow!

    congrats on the new design and layout. i like the new animation bit, thats pretty neat! I also enjoyed the new pieces you have posted on here. hope all is well.

  2. yo, what's up, Marcos? happy new years! thanks for checking out the site and for the encouraging words :)

  3. DESEO!!!! Finally, I found you. We talked awhile back, (Derwin) I am a big fan of your work, Anyway, again your work is amazing. I'd like to talk to you about some up coming projects you may be right for. There not set in stone but good possibilities. You can can send me an email at

    Talk to you soon.


    You should put an email address on your site for professional and private use.

  4. hey Derwin, thanks for the comment, man. i'm glad you found the site. i do plan to have contact info, but there's a few more things that have to be done with the site first. drop you a line soon.