Thursday, April 14, 2011

Katsuya Terada show Portland, OR

Last week, my girl and I took a vacation trip to Portland, Oregon.
My long time favorite artist Katsuya Terada had his 2nd US show, entitled "Terra's Black Marker" at Compound Gallery. We were lucky enough to catch a few more great shows while we were there.
Our good friend Mario Robert took part in a three man show at the Goodfoot.
Artist Peach Momoko from Japan at the Hellion Gallery. And last, but not least, the LAX/PDX group show at Together Gallery in collaboration with Thinkspace Gallery (in LA). Not only was the art that we had a chance to see incredible, but I have to admit, that everyone we met made us feel welcome and very happy to be there.
BIG thanks to Katsu at Compound Gallery, for being such an awesome host. Matt at Hellion Gallery. And our new friend Zhen. I'm even going to miss the food. Those street food vendors down town are off the hook!

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